5 Seconds of Summer go out for dinner in Toronto - July 31, 2014


GUESS WHO’S WRITING YOU LOVELY PEOPLE SOME PREFERENCES TONIGHT and i’ll do blurbs if anyone actually wants to send me a message asking for one


I feel your pain Luke. #tallpeopleprobs

Title: Dont Stop (Beach Acoustic)
Artist: 5 Seconds of Summer
Played: 7300 times


You and the boys go down to the beach to hang out in the sun. By the end of the day, the guys had brought out their guitars and you all sat by the edge of the ocean singing along to Don’t Stop and watching the sunset.


now they’re engaged and having a baby together

how to get a rejected high five by your bandmate without no one noticing by Ally Brooke Hernandez


I find it very beautiful that he’s so blown away by the fact that his music helps so many people. It really makes me respect him all that much more.

Ashton ‘describing Calum +